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Laura Godek
Real Estate
Contact us today if your buying or selling a property in Illinois.

We've got tons of experience, our own conference room for closings and all the tools,
connections, and skills needed to help you buy or sell your house today.

If you are buying or selling a home contact us at 815-344-1965.

  • Review and explain questions about your contract to purchase or sell
  • Communicate home inspection repair requests
  • Examine the title commitment and survey for defects and encroachments
  • Monitor deadlines and request extensions for mortgage, home sale, home close and
    other contingencies
  • Explain tax prorations and review other closing figures at the time of the closing
  • Attend the closing to review and explain loan documents and ensure compliance
    with the contract
  • After the closing, review the recorded deed and final title insurance policy for

Real Estate Legal Assistance
Prices vary on a case to case basis. Other services are available upon request such as,
short sales, and real estate assessments.

Laura is associated with Chicago Title, Fidelity Title, Heritage Title and First American Title
What does an Attorney do for you during your real estate
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